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Questions To Ask Any Mortgage Net Branch Before You Decide To Join As A Loan Officer by Rob Lawrence

checksmart installment loan 24493 himyn no credit In my last article, I covered many of the explanations why Checksmart Installment Loan 24493 Himyn No Credit officers join net branches and what their motivations are. I also covered some of the personal questions you need to ask themselves before they choose to increase the risk for jump and join a net branch. Questions including: Are you financially secure? Have you reviewed all of your options? Do there is a help in place? Etc.

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In this short article, I?ll cover a few of the key questions to ask the internet branches. These are issues you absolutely must be aware of before making any major decision. You have to have all the facts and know EXACTLY what you're engaging in. Don?t just guess?use my checklist and turn into certain. These are questions I?ve compiled over my career and you're simply reaping the benefit of numerous years of experience in the industry.

Remember, an excellent loan officer doesn?t leave a business without reason----they leave so that they can BE MORE SUCCESSFUL SOMEWHERE ELSE. Someone who exceeds in sales, won?t deal with small commission splits and micro-management for too long.

Here will be the questions you have to be asking while looking for an internet branch to become listed on:

(You will want to print this out, this list is comprehensive and covers everything!)


1. Is there an upfront fee I must pay for the COMPANY itself in order to become listed on the net branch?

2. Is there a franchise or territory fee?

3. Who is to blame for their state and local licensing fees?

4. Do I have to set-up a reserve account with all the company?

5. Who will pay for office as well as other business expenses?

6. Who covers brochures, business cards, letterhead, etc.?

7. Are there some other business start-up costs I should find out about? (for example background checks, credit review, etc. as a new hire).

8. Tell me the quantity you will be charged me upfront to get going.


1. Do you have any career experience requirements or can I join with little if any mortgage experience?

2. Is there a minimum loan size amount?

3. Are there any minimum commission amounts I must make on a loan or am I absolve to price the credit however I like it?

4. Do I have to close a specific amount of loans each month?

5. Do I need to work just with company approved third-parties such as appraisers, credit companies, etc. or can I choose my very own visitors to work with?

6. Do I must check-in or report to anyone?

7. Are there approved lenders I must use?

8. Can I do business from home instead of some other office?


1. Who will cover the client?s credit history?

2. Who will pay for the client?s appraisal, are we able to bill them later?

3. Who covers the title work and the attorney or title company fees?

4. What happens in the event the deal dies and the consumer didn?t buy these items upfront?

5. What will be the policy in the appraisers, verifying agencies as well as other any other companies we handle?

6. Do they bill the organization directly or do they really bill me?

7. Who is in charge of leftover unpaid bills?

8. Does the company charge me a processing fee above and beyond the HUD that can emerge from my commission?

9. Any there some other individual loan costs I should find out about?


1. How are expenses listed in the organization?

2. How soon will bills be paid and who's to blame for this?

3. Who can I call when I use a question over a loan?

4. How will rate sheets be delivered from your lenders?

5. Do you have account executives already set-up with the wholesalers within my area?

6. Where do I get my online passwords from?

7. Do we get any special incentives above and beyond the pace sheets with certain lenders?

8. Can I use a lender this is not on the company?s list?

9. Who handles the processing of the borrowed funds?

10. Can I hire my personal processor or use the services of a processing company?

11. Is there a web-based forum or company website I can log-into to speak using the other net branches?

12. What other back-office support can there be for me?


1. Do you pay a salary?

2. What are the commission splits?

3. Are there any elevated commission splits to get the best performers?

4. How much do your top performers make, and do you have proof?

5. What may be the average start-up time for a new loan officer, when they begin until their first loan is closed and funded?

6. How soon after the loan is closed, will I be paid?

7. Do you take out all of the local, state and federal taxes and handle each of the payroll stuff to me?

8. Will I be paid having a check or via direct deposit?

9. Will the closing attorney or title office forward you the commission check from the loan directly, or do I send which do you?

10. Who do I call if there is a problem while using commission on the loan and I haven?t been paid?

11. Can I recruit others underneath me to originate loans, making a number of their loans as well?

12. Any other payments or bonuses I should learn about?


1. Do you've got a 401K?

2. Do you offer health or health care insurance?

3. Do you offer dental insurance?

4. Do you offer vision care insurance?

5. Do you offer ?errors and omissions? insurance in the event that I get it wrong over a loan?

6. Do you have any sales incentives or prizes?

7. What other benefits would you offer?

8. How soon after I join will I meet the criteria to participate in in any with the above? (This is very important, because firms will dangle these carrots to suit your needs, though the benefits never materialize, especially medical health insurance, so please be extremely diligent about it).

9. Besides your waiting period, would they benefit providers have a waiting period also?

10. Are you really gonna spend on my health insurance or how much will I be to blame for myself?

11. What type of ongoing training would you provide?


1. What makes your net branch company different from all of the rest?

2. Who is your top competitor, and how come I not simply join them?

3. Why did the past person leave your organization?

4. Do you have personal references I can seek advice from?

5. Do you have trade and bank reference I can consult?

6. What is your large financial company license number?, (so that you can review their record with the state of hawaii banking agency).

7. How does your business really make money?

8. Who is your management team?

9. Have the owners of the company ever originated loans themselves? (You will be surprised the amount of have NOT! I let you know about a major lender where one in the owners employed to pump gas for the living, he owned a sequence of grocery stores rather than sold that loan in his life!)

10. How many branches are you experiencing?

11. What were the revenues for the organization this past year?

12. How do you rank nationally, have you ever won any special industry awards?

13. How long have you ever been ?net branching? for? (Very useful for knowing if you can find any bugs to be solved).

14. Does the head office originate loans as well, or would they solely serve the net branches?

15. Give me your very best self everlasting sales pitch in 1 minute or less. :-)

16. Do you have every other information I can examine before I make a concluding decision?

You shouldn't assume anything. Companies won?t let you know these items until you ask, so don?t hesitate to question these questions. Of course, you might not get all the answers completely from them, so that you?ll have to dig around a bit. Ask people in that is a, or try googling in the companies on the Net. Also, talk with hawaii banking commission about the firm?s track record.

Your objective is usually to have as numerous in the facts as you can, in order to make the best, educated decision. After all, this is YOUR CAREER AND YOUR LIFE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

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